Our Products

Our Family Table is a family owned and operated company and we choose to manufacture all our products in Australia.

We source our wild caught raw fish from Australia, Alaska, South America, South Africa and New Zealand and proudly produce this range in Regional NSW.

Our products are developed and produced with the love and care of over 30 years of food experience.

At Our Family Table, we care.

We care about manufacturing in Australia.

We care about the quality of our products.

We care about sustainability.

We care about what goes on your table.

Our Family Table is now available at Coles, so look out for the range in the freezer section when you’re doing your weekly shop.

Gluten-free. Fuss-free. Guilt-free.

Straight from the source… An update on supply.


It has been a challenging 12 months for our family business and many others, with the drought, bushfires, floods and now COVID-19.

We have been working hard with our suppliers and retailers to keep getting our great products to you without disruption.

These unprecedented challenges have impacted our access to many local raw materials, so we are always on the look-out for more Australian raw seafood.

If you are an Australian supplier of raw Australian seafood that is suitable for coating or crumbing, please get in touch with us here and we will reach out to discuss how we could work together.

Premium Australian Whiting

We are proud to say our locally sourced Whiting is made from whole fillet, hand cut and then lightly coated with our signature gluten-free crumb.


Alaskan Deep Sea Flounder

We head to Alaskan waters to source our deep sea flounder that has been sustainably caught. Whole fillets are hand-cut and then lightly coated with our signature gluten-free crumb.

Fish Goujon


Our Goujon are made from New Zealand Hoki or Alaskan Flounder. Think of these beauties as the big sister of a traditional fish finger.

Deep Sea Hake Fillets

Our Hake, traditionally sourced from African waters, is sustainably sourced. This tender white whole fillet is hand cut and then lightly coated with our signature gluten-free crumb.

Crispy Squid Chips

Our squid chips are made from premium, tender South American whole squid that has been hand-cut into strips and lightly coated with our signature gluten-free crumb.